Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Poison-Proof Your House

Poison control centers are frequently flooded with calls from victims who accidentally ingest poisonous substances. The sad part is that most of the time, the calls come from people who take common household items without knowing that they are dangerous. Many toxicology experts note that many of the household chemicals you take daily can have adverse and possibly lethal effects when misused.

If you have children, poison-proof your entire house by installing safety or childproof locks on your cabinets to keep them from being accessed unwittingly. Store all your cleaning chemicals, medicine, and pesticides well away from their reach, but you might still need to lock them up to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Keep all food items and potential poisons far away from each other. You could be distracted one time and pour something dangerous into the soup you're cooking. Store them in different cabinets too, especially those with similar looking containers, and don't be lazy to put them back where you got them.

The bottles of chemicals and medicine you have are usually very colorful and may very likely entice a child to play with them, so make sure that they are stored in child-resistant containers or under lock and key in your bathroom's first-aid kit.

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