Saturday, May 17, 2014

Facts about Environmental Diseases: The Dangers of Nickel Exposure

Humanity doesn’t always bring about its own plagues – sometimes, even naturally occurring substances can be just as deadly as man-made toxic wastes and pollutants. A lot of people may not be aware of it, but some metals can pose a serious threat to the health of an individual or a group of people, and nickel, despite its plethora of uses, is one of the causes of many common environmental diseases today.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guide for Paralegals: On Forensic Toxicology and Toxic Tort Cases

Toxic tort is a type of lawsuit that deals with a person or entity having harmed an individual or a group via exposure to particularly dangerous chemicals – a common example of which would be a company illegally dumping hazardous waste near a residential area, causing the people therein to be sick. As a paralegal of your law firm, you should familiarize yourself with the tasks involved when handling such a case. For instance, you might be called upon to look for a forensic toxicology professional to stand as an expert witness.

A reliable forensic toxicologist, like one from Environmental Diseases, can definitely be a great asset in helping your client.

Toxic tort cases can be tricky, and it takes a lot of medical knowledge and expertise to win one. You, as the trusty paralegal, have an important role in making sure that your firm and your clients get the justice they deserve.