Friday, September 20, 2013

Forensic Toxicology: The Fight Against Substance Abuse and Malicious Criminals

"Forensic toxicology helps lawmakers serve justice in a number of ways. From detecting illegal substances in the body to uncovering trace poisons during autopsy, forensic methods can be used to establish facts and gather evidence that can make or break a case. This past June, an operator of an excavator was proven to be high on marijuana and on prescription narcotics when part of the building he was working on collapsed onto a nearby store. The discovery allowed for proper execution of the law, taking one more potential danger off the streets. Apart from using scientific methodologies to make similar discoveries of substance abuse, forensic toxicologists also serve as expert witnesses in court. Putting their education and comprehensive training to use, experts help make a strong against criminals who use narcotics or poisons with the evidence they gather."

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