Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Inside Counts: On Toxicology Expert Witnesses

Lawsuits filed against producers on grounds that the plaintiff was “poisoned” by the manufacturer's product sound pretty straightforward. If the victim clearly appears poisoned, the court should rule in the plaintiff's favor. However, if things were that simple, there would be many people attempting to sue the companies by posing as poisoned victims. There's a need for an expert to step in and determine if the poisoning claims hold water.

Thus, toxicologists need to be brought in to substantiate poisoning claims. They do so by analyzing the victim for any signs of toxins, chemicals, venom, or other harmful substances in the body. Both the plaintiff and the defendant can produce a toxicology expert witness to the stand who can verify or disprove claims based on scientific observation and experimentation. These witnesses should be able to produce unquestionable evidence to the court and, hopefully, help resolve a trial.

A toxicology expert witness isn't just limited to helping lawsuits involving poor product control. The same experts can also be brought in at penal trials involving victims being poisoned intentionally. Simply put, if a trial entails toxins, venom, or chemicals of any sort, these experts are the go-to folks to test whether or not the claims made by one party are true.

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