Thursday, August 15, 2013

Providing Scientific Evidence in Litigation

Most people would rather not be involved in any court case, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. In these instances, winning or losing a legal battle would depend on the evidence presented. However, it's not so much any kind of evidence that matters as how the evidence is presented for the court's appreciation.

This is critical in litigation that involves medical issues where scientific evidence must be explained in layman's terms for the court to understand. Case in point: in cases of poisoning, a forensic toxicologist can better explain how the use of toxic substances may have caused death or poisoning in a medico-legal case. He can provide expert opinion and testimony to enable the court to understand and appreciate any scientific evidence that may be presented.

Forensic toxicologists relate and connect the science of medicine and the law, providing cause and effect. Without these experts, you may not be able to provide solid evidence to your case. They can also dispute any testimony or evidence argued by the other party.

In any court litigation where you need convincing proof of harm done by toxic substances, you can rely on forensic toxicologists to support your case. Finding the right expert can be vital in winning or losing a case.

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