Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Interesting and Helpful Facts about Toxic Torts

While physical injury cases can be decided without digging deeper into scientific details, toxic tort cases require a somewhat more complex approach to come up with a fair judgment. Namely, it requires the statement of a reliable medical expert witness. Here are some basic facts about the technical realm of toxic tort claims and litigation that every lawyer should arm themselves with:

Toxic Tort Defined
Toxic torts refer to a class of personal injury lawsuit wherein the plaintiff is supposedly injured by exposure to some form of toxin or hazardous chemical. A common example of this type of tort is class action lawsuits filed by workers against their employers after discovering that they were exposed to toxic chemicals during the duration of their employment (this is also referred to as occupational toxicity or poisoning).
Possible Defendants
Another common type of defendant involved is apartment owners who rent out space without informing the would-be tenants about the dangerous substances lurking in their buildings like lead paint, black mold, or even radioactive chemicals.
Making a Claim
Making a toxic tort case and winning it could be difficult, what with the fact that it often takes a medical practitioner to establish causation in such instances. For this reason, you should look into hiring a reputable toxicology expert witness.

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