Thursday, August 14, 2014

Discerning the Facts of a Legal Case

All case-winning legal arguments have one thing in common: they are transparent and informed presentations of facts that best explain the circumstances of the crime or civil issue brought before the court. However, on occasion, it may be difficult for laypersons to decipher the meaning and significance of each piece of evidence presented before a judge. In such cases, the skills of an expert witness might be necessary.

In cases where the effect of a certain chemical or substance is put to question, an experienced toxicologist might be called up. The toxicologist can then provide his opinion—as drawn from his years of experience in the field—on the way these chemicals act and react, as well as how these affect a given living organism.

Example of the use of toxicologists as expert witnesses include criminal cases where a person has been drugged or poisoned and the substance involved in the incident needs to be identified. In such a case, the expert witness may conduct an independent analysis of tissue collected from the victim or a sample of the chemical to identify its nature, its reaction, and its effects. These are then compared with any items collected at the scene of the crime and brought before the court in an expert testimony.

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