Monday, June 16, 2014

Famous Killings by Poisoning Throughout History

Before the advent of artificial chemicals and the advancement of toxicology, numerous killings throughout human history have been committed using natural poisons. Here are some of the most famous ones.

Socrates – The famous Greek philosopher was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock, which is derived from a highly toxic flowering plant of the same name. Indigenous to Europe and South Africa, hemlock works by inducing paralysis and gradual shut down of all major bodily functions.

Emperor Claudius – The Ancient Roman Emperor Claudius was killed by the poison master Locusta using nightshade, a kind of poisonous berry. Both the plant’s berries and leaves are extremely poisonous, and were a known component in the manufacture of poison-tipped arrows.

The U.S. and U.K. poisonings – Conducted by the serial killer Dr. Thomas Neill Cream between 1881 and 1892, the murders were committed using strychnine, a substance much like hemlock. Cream killed seven women and a man during the time period by giving the victims strychnine as medicine.

Borgia Family Guests – Numerous political enemies of the powerful Italian Borgia family were killed using arsenic during the Renaissance. They did the heinous act by mixing arsenic with the wine, which they then served to their guests/enemies at local gatherings.

The technology back then may not have been enough to prevent such killings, but thanks to advanced toxicology practices available today, we can now easily track and speedily make perpetrators pay for their deeds, as well as save lives in the process.

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