Friday, September 27, 2013

Toxic Tort Cases: Importance of Toxicology Experts

Toxicology expert witnesses are board-certified professionals who are called to testify in court for a wide range of cases involving medical toxicology, environmental toxicology, poisoning, substance abuse, and nutritional diseases to name a few. They are knowledgeable in many disciplines and have a proven track record in dealing with the aforementioned cases.

One of the most common cases handled by these experts is toxic tort, which is an illness or an injury that occurs when an individual comes in contact with a toxic substance such as asbestos, toxic mold, solvents, pesticides, and even pharmaceutical drugs. A lawyer specializing in toxic court cases conducts research and gathers the necessary data to present in court, and will most likely seek and consult a toxicology expert witness whose knowledge would enable him to provide a clear and reliable testimony.

A reliable toxicology expert witness should practice environmental, occupational, forensic, or medical toxicology. He or she should be able to evaluate and testify for cases that involve carbon monoxide poisoning, adverse drug reactions, substance abuse, and outbreaks. Knowledge in fields such as public health, emergency medicine, industrial hygiene, and health sciences is also necessary. Apart from gaining experience after handling several toxicology cases, a toxicology expert witness should also be able to testify and give his expert opinion without bias.

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